• Sizzix Big Shot Plus Maschine
  • Sizzix Big Shot Plus Maschine
Sizzix Big Shot Plus Maschine


Sizzix Big Shot Plus Maschine

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Reference: 59398000

Size: 40x29.85x19,05 cm

263,13€ (TAX included)

Sizzix Big Shot Plus with a mouth 22.5 cm. A4 format, allow you to work comfortably with punches and bigger roles.

It Includes:

- Big Shot White & Grey
- Multipurpose Platform extended
- 2 bases cutting

Machine dimensions: 40 x 29.85 x 19.05 cm. (15 3/4 "x 11 3/4" x 7 1/2 ")

Sizzix new design very clean and kept in gray and white tones.
This portable tool allows us to embossing and cutting all types of materials: paper, cardboard, fabric, felt, leather, vellum, EVA, ethyl ...
You can make embossed on paper, cardboard and foil, and use all kinds of textures folders or compatible Sizzix brand.
Create your own cards, invitations, scrapbooking pages, home decor, fashion, sewing and more.

The Big Shot has a handle which facilitates the rotary movement and practical handle for transportala easily. You only have to place the die or folder of textures between the bases and cut into the machine, turn the crank

You find drawings and instructions to the platform and adapters to always know how to make the perfect sandwich with different types of dies.

Sizzix. Ref. 59398000