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Display gelatos

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The gelato are creamy and compact bar-shaped pigments.

You can transform the opaque colors of gelatos in translucent shades by mixing with water and create watercolor effects.

High opacity, can be mixed together.

Ideal for adding color and sparkle to any surface including paper, canvas, plywood, wood, glass, ceramics, and many others!

It can be used with seals or you can also use masks or stencil templates to create funds.

Acid-free and odorless.

The display consists of:

- 10 gelatos yellow kits range

- 10 gelatos red kits range

- 10 gelatos kits green range

- 10 gelatos blue range kits

- 10 gelatos kits neutral range

- 10 gelatos metallic kits range

- 8 gelatos kits assorted colors

Brand: Faber Castell

Ref: 121800