How to buy


                  a. How to register

                  b. Finding an item

                  c. How to place an order

                  d. Expenses, costs and time limits

                  e. Paying an order.

                   f. Policy changes and refunds

                   g. F.A.Q.


In this section we explain all the steps necessary to purchase any of our products, you have several ways to contact us to order:

You can call us at 972672924 from Monday to Friday intensive from 09:00 to 19:00 AM on Saturday morning from 9:00 to 13:00. You only need you pointed references you want to speed up the call.


You can email us at with your contact information and references you want. Once we receive it we will contact you via e-mail.


You can buy in our webshop, is simple: just choose an item, add to basket by clicking on the BUY button and complete your order by selecting the payment method you prefer. You don´t have to be registered!



Register on our website is very easy, just need to go to the registration section and whether you're STORE or PARTICULAR must register in a space or another. Registration for SHOP needs our administrative compliance and business information we request, no keys are provided accesso immediately.

For the record is so PARTICULAR enter your e-mail, wait for a reply from our server, and finally confirm the link sent to verify your address. Once confirmed and have access to your personal data (name, delivery address, order history, status, ...) and on-line store.

In your client file will be registered your details and delivery address, so you need not return to fill in later purchases. You also have a history of orders so you can check your latest purchases.

You can not see prices for products or make the purchase without being registered.



To find an item navigation menus located at the top of the page are used. Through them you can access the different sections of our "Shop Online".

You can also use the search engine located at the top, entering the product name or reference, if you know.

Once the item found, you can expand the information about it by clicking on its name or its image. In this way you access the data sheet with detailed characteristics, other related products, accessories ...



It's simple. Simply add the product to the basket by clicking on the BUY button. Once in the basket, you can continue buying other items or process your order with the included products (pressing the button PAY).

If you want to add more drives to an item from your shopping cart, you must enter the number of units and then click outside the box in which you entered the amount (the basket is updated automatically). Similarly happens if you remove an item from the basket.

When you tramitas order (PAY), all transactions from that time are made over a secure connection that guarantees the confidentiality of all your data.



Once the order is processed there are different ways of receiving the goods:


Do not suppose any additional delivery costs as they either, you personally or by your own transport agency can collect your order within hours customer care, we will notify you by e-mail or phone for collection and and verify that we have everything. Thank you check the email address and your cell phone.

It's a good way to know, we exhibition and sale of products in our physical store (Bàscara - Girona) and will be happy to talk to you, address your questions or suggestions regarding advise you personally or some other product / technique we have in inventory.


Shipping by courier 24/48 hours to your home 4,80 euros for all shipments peninsular (Spain and Portugal) below 300 € VAT included (depending on weight and volume: from 6 € in Balearic Islands and from 9 € euros for the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla + import DUA)

Shipping outside the peninsula within the EU CONSULT

Shipping outside the peninsula and outside the EU CONSULT

You will receive the package directly to your home, it is important to be aware of receiving the order for the carrier meets you in the direction proposed.

* 24/48 hours to deliver your package to the carrier, we notify you by email with a tracking number. Thank you check the email address and your cell phone.

** We will notify you of any delay or incidence.

*** Shipments to the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla are exempt from value added tax (VAT)

The price for shipping to Canarias not include tax and / or duty to Canary Islands authorities to rotate upon impact the delivery of the order, and will be paid by the customer to collect the goods. These charges will vary in each case depending on the product purchased (approximately 10-12 €)

**** VERY IMPORTANT: Please review all material received within 24 hours of receipt for it has not broken anything during transport, the insurance will cover the same cover any breakages or damage caused during the trip.



 There are different ways to pay for an order:

            By BANK TRANSFER: It may take a little longer to send you the order as we need to receive the banking fertilizer (24-36 hours). You will receive an e-mail with the order and nuestos proforma bank details so you can make the transfer. If you can send the receipt via e-mail will be more aware of compost and we can expedite the shipment, but do not worry, we review the income every day to follow up orders.


            By VISA or DEBIT card: You will receive an e-mail confirming the payment and with information about your order is in progress.


            By PAYPAL: You will receive an e-mail confirming the payment and with information about your order is in progress.


Once you have chosen the method of payment, will proceed to complete the checkout by clicking the button at the bottom right "PAY ORDER"

Finally, a page will confirm correct order processing, and display the number as well as a summary of purchased products and receive an e-mail confirmation of the transaction with the details of your order.

The purchasing process is over.

You can check the status and details of your order in the MY ACCOUNT section (customer card) and ask any questions you have.



ESKOL ARENART SL will change all those products that are new and without having been used. The customer has 7 days to exercise their right of withdrawal from receipt of the product. The packed product must be returned in the same condition in which it was delivered. In the case of paints, oils, mediums and other pigments or auxiliary, as it is chemicals that contact with air is automatically deteriorate, they must be returned with stamp and original seal. The customer must return by courier (Post or Courier) the product, at its expense that this generates.


The seller is responsible for failures that become apparent within two years from delivery.

The consumer and user must inform the seller of the lack of conformity within two months after he has knowledge of it.

Given the nature of some of the products marketed, these warranties apply whenever the product type permits.

In the case of defective products ESKOL ARENART SL proceed to immediate change and bear all shipping costs, provided that the product is in stock, otherwise, will be refunded the amount of the product to the customer, taking charge ESKOL ARENART SL costs this may generate.

How to return an item:


Incidence notify us by phone or mail


Send the items in their original packaging, within 7 days of receipt to Eskol Arenart SL C / Eres, 8-17483 Bàscara (Girona)


A. If the mistake is our collection we will order our transport package.

B. In the event that a return is because you do not like or you've confused you can send it via post as ordinary letter, it is cheaper or your own courier. The costs in this case runs your account.

Packages sent freight collect or COD will not be accepted.


Payments or credits of money for an exchange or refund:


A. changes in the amount of new articles you request exceeds that of the items you return, you need only pay the difference.

B. refunds or changes in which Eskol Arenart SL have to request payment amount:

            - If you paid by card, we will credit the amount on the same card.

            - We bank transfer to the account you specify.

            - If you want we can also deduct the amount on your next order.



The breaks or other incidents in the supplied items should contact within 24 hours from the date of delivery, by telephone, email or fax directly to Eskol ARENART.

After this time DO NOT ALLOW ANY CLAIM. Breaks should be stored in its original packaging to our carrier pass them up.


1g FAQ (FAQ):

 How will I know you received my order?

On the Internet, once you have confirmed your order, you will receive immediately an e-mail with details of all your purchase and shipment way and payment.

* Make sure your email is correct.

How can I know the status of my order or return?

If you provided us your email, we inform you by e-mail the status of your order or refund:

- When has left our warehouse

- When we have received your return

- When you send your return

If you are registered you can access login to your account, where you can view information on all your orders and status of these

And yet, if you have questions you can contact us by e-mail or phone at 972672924

How I can cancel or change my order?

Call us or write us an email ASAP to cancel / amend it before you send it.

What if my package content does not match what you expected?

- I missing an item: You can call us and we checked.

- I get a refund: let us return the item, telling us what you asked and we'll change without shipping.

- Article or broken or defective Gift: You can call us and tell us which item it is. We'll send it back without shipping.

- Disappointing Article: Give your return and we refund the item amount.

Still have doubts?

Contact us via the contact form, send us an email to: or call us at 972672924