¿Who are we?

Eskol Arenart was born in 1999 and our targets are the same yet: develop sand products for craft markets, innovate,  anticipate new market trends, distribute high quality products and become your ideas factory, ideas for sharing, enjoying, develping, growing yourself,..., 

Our company has been growing, adapting to new creative tendencies. Our main areas of activity are produce colored sands and distribute domestic and import craft products around Spanish markets. We offer courses, workshops and fairs, working daily to help  our store as a laboratory of ideas.



Eskol Arenart, creators of the original technique of "painting without brushes" produce colored sand since 1999 under brand ARENART.

After a delicate handmade process and the experience of many years dedicated to the world of fine arts and crafts, we present a range of 52 colors (47 normal and 6 metallic) able to adapt to any traditional painting technique with excellent accuracy.

Our R & D, in keeping with our philosophy of business, is working to develop new colors (neon, metallic prints, fluorescent, fluorescent) and new effects for our sand.

Participation in international fairs has given our sand an important position within the craft sector, both in Europe and in countries outside the EU markets.

All our products are safe and harmless to the environment, we have combined the traditional methods of mixing (with pigments and sands that come from nature) with efficient and low consumption for packaging machines. All our colored sand is under international standards toy and children's consumption UN / 70-71 rules.


Eskol Arenart has expanded the size of its distribution catalog over recent years. More than 6,000 references are part of a wide range of products to suit every need from the store.

In the catalog you can find products we represent exclusivelly for Spain as VIVA DECOR, SOSPESO TRANSPARENT, KAREN MARIE KLIP, GHIANT and other international brands.

The advantage of acquiring our products is that we like to advise our customer in the use and application of all of them,then they can get a high satisfaction grade.

It is very important to us that the customer learn and understand how to use all products we sell, for this reason,  In the following paragraph you can find one of the most important thing in our company: Teaching and Courses....



Eskol Arenart performs intensive courses and workshops in its facilities in Báscara (Girona), as for the public customer as professional customer as well.

We're specialized in crafts and painting workshops, but we also do children activities and specialized courses of specific techniques (Colored sand, polymer clay, foam, scrapbooking,...).



In our shop you can find more than 6.000 references, all ARENART products and many other brands (domestic and import). Differents products for different techniques: scrap, painting, silk, modelage, etc...

Our commercial timetable is from Monday to Friday:  09:00 to 17:30.

With this website we want to know you better, change our art-works, improve our techniques and deepen our ideas knowlegement. Then, we will get to enjoy workshops, develope our creative spirit and respond fervently until we get all we proposed...


"Art is the expression of the deepest feelings for the easiest way" (Albert Einstein)